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Vaderland/Europa 'Under the Hungarian Sky'
concert by Haags Vocaal Ensemble

Sunday 12 February, 16.00
Waalse Kerk
Noordeinde 25, The Hague

Under the Hungarian sky, is the title of the upcoming program of the The Hague Vocal Ensemble, which will be directed by Hungarian conducter Beni Csillag. The late a capella choir works by Liszt connect the musical generations before and after him; fabulous children's tales by Schumann, playful pieces of Debussy, beautiful miniatures of Saint-Saens and the famous Song for King Stephan by Kodály, which used to be the national hymn of catholic Hungary until the 19th century. The concert ends with possibly the most beautiful song ever written, Esti dal, Evening Song by Kodály.
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